1938 ford Standard 4-door sedan


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Standard 4-door sedan


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This car was restored in the mid 80's and a lot of money was spent on it. Since then the car has been stored in good places and is very nice. I have tuned it, put a carb. kit in it and rebuilt all the brake wheel cylinders and master cylinder. It has been upgraded to 1939 Lockheed hydraulic brakes. The brake shoes were also all replaced when it was upgraded. I converted the system to DOT5 fluid to prevent corrosion in the system. The entire interior has been replaced and is still like new. I put new shock absorbers on it. It still has the original drive train and all-steel body. The engine is a 21-stud 85hp flathead V-8 with a 3-speed. It has little steel headers with dual exhausts, shorty glasspacks and resonators. The wheels are original Crager Truespokes with 15" radial tires. The car has a factory radio and a South Wind Heater. I have not tried to make those work. The radio buzzes and I believe it would work if it were taken to a proper repair place. I have been able to get all the guages and lights, including the little interior courtesy lights, working. It has a 6 volt system. The windshield wiper is a vacuum unit and should be replaced with an electrical unit since it doesn't work and they never were any good. The radiator core has been replaced. The floorboards are all solid and original. The only piece I could find that had been replaced was the panel right below the trunk lid. It was well done. The paint has scratches and defects from being over 30 years old but still looks nice enough for a driver. This car draws a crowd everywhere I stop. It rides and drives well for its age and will run 60-70 mph with no effort.

Trades will be considered. I am interested in other old cars or American motorcycles.

If you want to know any more about this car, call me. I will not respond to text messages. My number is four o two, nine 22, 0 eight 0 nine.